1. What is SUNDEK?

SUNDEK is an Acrylic Decorative Concrete Coating designed to beautify old or new concrete surfaces.

2. How Thick Is Sundek?

SUNDEK is about as thick as 2 quarters stacked on top of each other. (Just under a quarter-inch) However, SUNDEK can be used as a blending tool to feather uneven surfaces up to 2 inches deep.

3. How is SUNDEK applied?

SUNDEK is a multi-layered product that is applied by factory trained professionals. Depending on the surface conditions and patterns chosen, there will be 4 to 8 layers of material applied to the deck surface.

4. What does it look like?

SUNDEK is a semi-smooth, textured surface that can have the appearance of classic texture, tile, and brick patterns to name just a few. Please see our photos section to see hundreds of pictures so you can get an idea of our limitless design options.

5. What colors does it come in?

We have 16 Signature Colors, 24 SunDye Colors, and 9 SunAcid Colors to choose from. We also have a limitless array of Custom Colors that can match any surface around your home.

6. How long does it take to do a job?

Depending on size, condition, and weather, a typical installation takes approximately 2 to 8 clear dry days.

7. How do you treat control or expansion joints?

We maintain all existing control joints, to allow for expansion and contraction of the concrete. We do, however, apply the SUNDEK finish coat to expansion joints to match the deck color, and we also replace worn out expansion joints.

8. Is it cool to walk on?

SUNDEK is much cooler than typical gray concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, tile and even epoxy rock applications. Learn more about cool deck coatings for around pools.

9. Is it Kool Deck?

No, Kool Deck is a product designed to form a mechanical bond on freshly poured concrete. (Within the first 5 hours.) SUNDEK is formulated with a chemical bond; therefore, SUNDEK can be applied to new or old concrete.

10. Will pool water stain SUNDEK?

No. The standard SUNDEK classic texture and masonry effects have 2 layers of an acrylic finish coat. These acrylic finishes provide a durable non-porous surface which make it stain resistant and easy to maintain.

11. Will SUNDEK fade?

No. The SUNDEK color is an integrated color with the final three applications being an acrylic finish so it is not susceptible to fading.

12. Can you correct drainage and low spots (bird baths)?

We will try to improve on the low spot when we are notified ahead of time, however, we will attempt to change the pitch to move the low spot somewhere else or make it twice as wide and half as deep so the sun will dry it up quicker. Because the SUNDEK Finish Coat is non-porous your surface will not soak up water like concrete.

13. How do you treat cracks in concrete prior to the SUNDEK application?

Most cracks are filled with urethane. Hairline and shrinkage cracks require no additional treatment. (Please refer to your local SUNDEK contractor for specific details for crack repair.)

14. Will the cracks reoccur?

There are two answers to this question: Answer 1) Though we do everything possible to treat concrete cracks, the truth of the matter is, they may recur. If they do, it is usually always in the form of a hairline crack which is not objectionable as it is largely hidden in the texture. However, if a crack becomes bothersome to you, we will be happy to repair the crack for you for a nominal service charge. Answer 2) If the above answer doesn't do the trick, our “Custom Scoreline Effect" design may be right for you! We take all your existing cracks and grind them open, separating the product where the concrete is cracked. (Just as we do with expansion joints.) Then, before applying the Finish Coat we will grind additional lines into the texture to create a pleasing design and keep your deck from cracking.

15. What is the SUNDEK warranty?

Each SUNDEK Dealer is an independent contractor that takes complete responsibility for the workmanship of our product. Each dealership has trained their employees in proper mix ratios and installation procedures. SUNDEK Products, the manufacturer warrants our material to the dealership. With SUNDEK, if our contractors install it, our contractors stand behind it!

16. What if something happens to my deck after the warranty expires?

Extended warranties are available. Please refer to your local SUNDEK contractor for specific details!

17. Can you apply SUNDEK over painted concrete?

No, the concrete must be free of paint so the SUNDEK can adhere to the original concrete surface.

18. Can the material be applied to steps?

YES. SUNDEK can be applied to concrete steps including risers and treads.

19. Can SUNDEK be applied to walls?

YES. SUNDEK can be applied to vertical surfaces. From the properly sealed backyard retaining wall to the multi-storied building, SUNDEK can be applied on exterior and interior walls.

20. Do you apply the material to cantilever faces and coping stones?

Yes we do apply SUNDEK to cantilever faces and coping stones. Even though the application over coping stones is a matter of personal preference, it is often advisable to SUNDEK them unless they are exceptionally new. (The stones are porous like concrete). If not surfaced, the coping will tend to look old and dirty after the SUNDEK installation is complete. In addition, you can add our Masonry Brick patterns to copings and cantilevers at a fraction of the cost of real pavers.

21. Can you contrast the color on the coping stones from the rest of the deck?

Yes. SUNDEK can provide many elegant color combinations.

22. How do I clean my SUNDEK surface?

Please see our Maintenance instruction on our Product Page. Here, we have provided you with easy instructions to maintain your investment.